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heating service

You don't have to sit inside a freezing vehicle in the dead of winter or sweat away during another hot summer day due to a minor heating or air conditioning issue. We can fix air conditioning and heating issues for foreign and domestic vehicles, with complete services and repairs. Herb's Garage provides heating and air conditioning services, including condenser replacement, compressors, belts and hoses.

Dedicated air conditioning and heating services

You will receive a FREE 15-point inspection with any service!

  • Heating and A/C ventilation

  • Dash repairs and freon recharge

  • Heater cores

  • Heater hoses

  • Fans and motors

  • Temperature sensors

  • All A/C components

Superior air conditioning and heating services

K&N air filter systems can be easily installed for your car or truck, to ensure you have a high-flow air intake system that works specifically for your vehicle. With a K&N air filter system, you can get more power out of your engine that you can't get with a factory-installed air intake system.

Complete installation of K&N filters

State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment will get to the bottom of any issue. Give us a call today!