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It's important that your brakes are working properly to protect yourself, passengers, and others on the road. Herb's Garage is here to care for your brakes, with complete services and repairs. We provide top-notch brake services, including fluid exchange, disc and rotor repair, ABS light repair and reset, brake replacement, and replacement and turning of rotors.

Stay safe with high-quality brakes

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  • Rear brake shoes and drums

  • Brake boosters

  • Master cylinders

  • Brake calipers

  • Brake lines and hoses

  • Front pads and rotors

  • Custom break line repairs

Satisfaction guaranteed on all brake repairs

Shocks and struts ensure you will always have a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Certain vehicle issues can be tough to pinpoint, but inefficient shocks and struts are a bit easier to detect. What should you look for? If your vehicle is bouncing while turning corners, dips down when you hit the brakes, or sways back and forth when you hit a bump or pothole, there may be an issue with shocks or struts. We'll solve these issues for you.

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